For Carriers and Forwarders

The success and prosperous operation of “Baltic Fleet Management” UAB highly depend on
reliable and professional carriers and forwarders with great loyalty. Our business partners
should satisfy strict predefined requirements in order to ensure top-quality services rendered
to our customers.
Profitable and successful cooperation may be ensured only on satisfactory terms and
conditions of transport operation. Therefore, we are glad being able to offer our carriers and
forwarders stable long-term or short-term contracts as well as timely and attractive payments
for business tasks and jobs carried out. The employees of “Baltic Fleet Management” UAB do
their best and carry a daily business load every day in order to offer you the services of ours,
as conveyance, transporting and forwarding broker of your choice. Our transportation
dispatchers are qualified and well-trained in professional and friendly attitude and operational
manner. They treat all carriers, dispatchers and drivers with care and respect.


Access to Thousands of Shipments a Day

We have a good understanding in the services, which are rendered to our customers through
our great network of contractual freight carriers and forwarders. “Baltic Fleet Management”
UAB put much value on their freight carriers; therefore, we have invested a lot of resources in
state-of- art technologies and innovative equipment in order to support and to satisfy their
needs the best. You, as a customer, just need to tell us where you have located your trucks,
and we shall quickly select you a beneficial match with our opportunities and abilities.
Whether you are looking for a load to bring home or consistent freight to fill in daily and
weekly runs, our well-developed network distinguishes for a convenient access to thousands
of available loads to keep you busy and profitable.


It is useful and beneficial for you to be a contractual carrier or forwarder.

Our company offers you the following great advantages:

  • Continuous and uninterrupted operation of trucks;
  • We pay for empty and full kilometres;
  • Receive fast payments;
  • Build a close relationship with your single point of the contact;
  • Advanced planning of a cargo ensures uninterrupted and effective operation;
  • We quickly solve problems and make appropriate solutions coping with them;
  • Our employees are fluent in speaking many different languages, what ensures a good
    communication between your management or a driver.