We, employees and management team from “Baltic Fleet Management” UAB, consider ourselves as reliable and trustworthy partners to our customers and are here to render them with value-added and top-quality services. Our qualified and experienced staff analyses highly-complicated processes and operations in logistics and does their best to optimise the operational procedures by applying effective and flexible solutions for every individual case or situation. We make reliable and accurate decision on the basis and by involving sourcing, production and distribution.

For that reason, “Baltic Fleet Management” UAB, basing on the developed philosophy, clear vision, business mission and essential values, is oriented towards the long-termed foundation of positive and value-creating cooperation with their customers, employees and service providers. Moreover, we sincerely expect that our services and operations of logistics will facilitate our customers’ business and contribute to their value-adding development. Whatever the scope of your company or organisation is, we shall give you a complete support and help in expanding your trade and breaking into new markets.


The success, which “Baltic Fleet Management” UAB has achieved, is made by the teamwork of our employees. Every and each member in the team is important and significant to the success, development and achievements of our compay. It seems like in a basketball game, which is favourite sports of Lithuanian people: scoring well-prepared points makes our customers confident in our company and services rendered.

One of the most powerful incentives and motivations for the employees of our company is enthusiasm. This is not just a feeling of energetic interest for our team; this is also their eagerness to be involved in daily routines, intensive activities and extensive communication with our customers. This exceptional feeling leads our team to inventiveness and flexibility in order to satisfy the most demanding requirements of the existing and potential clients.

Therefore, “Baltic Fleet Management” UAB being a socially-responsible and ethic company takes care after its employees and offer them continuous improvement and development through individual and collective training and freshening of their qualification, and through human resource development. At our company, we ensure the employees with provision of a large variety of different and attractive measures in order to create and maintain top-quality and friendly working environment with modern and ergonomic work places. That is the absolute norm to keep our team of employees active and confident at work. The employees of “Baltic Fleer Management” are the key value for the company and its business development!


Quick response, clear tasks

At “Baltic Fleet Management” UAB, we base on the core principles of our business philosophy, which are responsibility, commitment and trust. Effective procedures, strong long-termed values and high-level attitude are crucial to our reputation and image, which ensure the success we enjoy. We focus on possibilities and look for new opportunities, and not on limitations or restrictions. We do not talk much; we respond to the situation quickly and take necessary actions. By being able to think alternatively and creatively, we manage to achieve our goals. Our employees strive to be dynamic and adaptable; they do not sit back while the trade and business world passes by. Our dealings are transparent, clear and honest. We try to be proactive and do business with our clients in order to keep an eye on the “big picture”. Our company is a good partner hiring qualified and experienced people who attach great importance to minimising costs and maximising efficiency of the customers. They operate with a great responsibility and make decisions that are beneficial and profitable for our clients.

The top-level management and administration of “Baltic Fleet Management” UAB cooperate closely and communicate directly with company’s staff. That attitude facilitates in quick decision-making and achievement of great outcomes, i.e. a lot of major well-known customers have placed their reliance upon our company. Our consistent, solution-oriented actions and expertise in realisation are the things, which make successful not only us but our customers as well.


“Baltic Fleet Management” UAB has a goal-oriented vision, which clearly indentifies what we are, where we go and how we are going to achieve our goals. In order to meet our vision and achieve the goals set, we constantly look for new possibilities and opportunities. For that reason, it is very significant for us to attract and maintain the best employees in the business, and to win our customers with innovative and value-adding solutions in logistics and transportation as well as through delivering the best customer service with no compromise.


“Baltic Fleet Management” is an ambitious company with clearly-formulated goals and successfully-effective operation in the market of road transport organisation. We satisfy our customers’ demands and requirements for personal and professional services by offering strong innovative supply chain solutions based on close relationships with customers and forwarders.

We convince our customer with our goal-orientated and unique servicing.

We go extra mile beyond our customers’ expectations.

We hire only qualified, reliable and loyal, customer-oriented employees, who, in return, are provided with secure ad friendly working environment.

We think with clarity and courage.

We provide our customer just the right services, which they need, and always personally, and always on time.

We achieve goals with confidence and assertiveness.