Quick response, clear tasks

At “Baltic Fleet Management” UAB, we base on the core principles of our business philosophy, which are responsibility, commitment and trust. Effective procedures, strong long-termed values and high-level attitude are crucial to our reputation and image, which ensure the success we enjoy. We focus on possibilities and look for new opportunities, and not on limitations or restrictions. We do not talk much; we respond to the situation quickly and take necessary actions. By being able to think alternatively and creatively, we manage to achieve our goals. Our employees strive to be dynamic and adaptable; they do not sit back while the trade and business world passes by. Our dealings are transparent, clear and honest. We try to be proactive and do business with our clients in order to keep an eye on the “big picture”. Our company is a good partner hiring qualified and experienced people who attach great importance to minimising costs and maximising efficiency of the customers. They operate with a great responsibility and make decisions that are beneficial and profitable for our clients.

The top-level management and administration of “Baltic Fleet Management” UAB cooperate closely and communicate directly with company’s staff. That attitude facilitates in quick decision-making and achievement of great outcomes, i.e. a lot of major well-known customers have placed their reliance upon our company. Our consistent, solution-oriented actions and expertise in realisation are the things, which make successful not only us but our customers as well.